I have some dashcam footage from a road trip I took recently with around 300 video files. I'd like to take the first 30 frames or approx 1 second of each of these video files as a kind of time lapse video. I'd like to do this using a Python script as manually importing and cutting the 300 clips would be extremely time consuming.

I have found the script here to import the files, but I can't figure out how to modify this cut the clips to just the first 1 sec of footage. How can I achieve this?


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I think this should do the trick.

import bpy

seqs = bpy.context.sequences

for seq in seqs:
    start_frame = seq.frame_start
    new_end_frame = start_frame + 30
    seq.frame_final_end = new_end_frame


  • $\begingroup$ I was able to resolve this by using this code to update the original script with this line of code ms.frame_final_end = frame_start + 30 $\endgroup$ Apr 16, 2022 at 13:04

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