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I have been a Software/Firmware engineer since 1999. My career began at Micron by designing micro controlled circuits to test other circuit boards. I wrote the firmware to drive these testers as well as client/server software for interfacing with PCs.

I moved to San Francisco where I next worked on Touch Screen Jukeboxes for Ecast. These were driven by a series of COM+ dlls.

I moved on to work for Global IP Solutions which at the time powered Skype, Yahoo IM, IBM Sametime, and several of the leading VOIP apps. The GIPS product was a C++ static lib only. I worked on several areas of the video engine mainly on OSX and iOS.

I next worked at Google after their acquisition of GIPS which became Google+ Hangouts and the WebRTC project. I worked on a few 20% projects on the iOS platform. Notably handwriting recognition.

I decided to move into iOS full time and have been working for Threefold Photos where I've published a handful of iOS applications.

Today I develop iOS application for Hatch Baby. Heavy Core Data usage, snappy UI, and Bonjour/Blue-tooth communications to our hardware scales.

I also have released several iOS applications under my hobby project, Vaporwarewolf.

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