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32 votes

What does it mean when my Angle setting under Auto Smooth greyed out?

28 votes

Switch between sculpting brushes

12 votes

How do I convert my linked group objects to be local objects?

9 votes

Fill cylinder cap with quads

7 votes

How to model this branched sculpture?

5 votes

How would you cut a shape out of an object using another object?

4 votes

How do I reload a linked blender file?

3 votes

How to integrate Zbrush with Blender for long run animation projects?

2 votes

Is it possible to control dynamic bevel segments with a stylus?

1 vote

Is there a way to make the active object semi-transparent in sculpt mode?

0 votes

Is there a way to auto update or reproject newly added vertices on a shrinkwrapped mesh?

0 votes

What is the difference between the SculptDraw brush and the Brush tool?

0 votes

How can I rig an extension arm using only constraints?

0 votes

Without using an Empty, how is it possible to have an object bend on the Y (or X) world axis using the Simple Deform modifier?

0 votes

Why is what I am seeing in my particle effect animation playback, not what I get when I render it?