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I am a multipotentialite (multipotentiality) born in 1976, currently employed as a software engineer in to an international B2B services company. I am dedicated to front end development for Web with JavaScript, TypeScript and React. My coding experience can be traced back to 1999 (i.e. JavaScript 1.2).

My other skills are:

  1. Painting and illustration, traditional and digital with a preference for pencils, ink and watercolors. I have a true love for comic books.
  2. 3D computer graphics: I am mostly a generalist though more focused on modeling, creation of procedural materials, scene lighting, rendering.
  3. 2D computer graphics: in the past I was a 2D graphic designer/artist, using Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects and many other software.
  4. Photography: I try my best given the lack of free time.
  5. Music: I wrote songs and I play the bass guitar and sing occasionally.
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