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Howdy, I am a detail-oriented professional with 5+ years of experience and a proven knowledge of application development, server architecture, and internet/intranet infrastructure. I have worked on several very large projects in the automotive and financial technology spaces and served as the chief architect and principal engineer on many of these projects.

I have spent the past several years building high caliber effective and capable software teams. I have a lot of experience training developers, implementing policies and best practices, architecting software, debugging complex problems, running sophisticated production environments, and getting my hands dirty in code.

I am comfortable with many programming languages and technologies, including Kubernetes, React, NodeJS, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, GoLang, and C/++. I have published hundreds of npm modules, several python pip modules, and even a few ruby gems.

I have programmed over 150 open-source projects. You can view my code at and

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Dec 12, 2018