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Gamer since the age of five being given a Nintendo with some sonic game that I can't remember. Oh, the nostalgia is a coming now. I shared that Nintendo with my sister for about half a year and then we got two DSI's which was really nice. I played games like Spyro during that time period and, of course, Mario. After about a year for Christmas, we got a WII which was awesome and played Mario games, resident evil, and stuff like that.

After a year or two of that, I unboxed my PS2 which had been in the family for many many years. I played games like "Medal of Honour: European Assault", the lord of the rings, and GTA. It was probably the best time I had in gaming because the games were cheap, but nothing beats a PS4 with the internet. Our family had an old PC in the house which I used to skim the internet and play free games. After about 2-4 years of this boring lifestyle, we got "proper" internet. As in next gen internet. Its top speed was 200 kb/ps divide that by the number of people using the internet and I got a total of 40 kb/ps which.... Was something I didn't really mind until I got my PS4 ( Best Day :D ) and a bunch of games including:

  • GTA V
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts (first CoD game, which sadly was a bad one)
  • Destiny

So I tried to play online and needed PlayStation plus (except on Destiny but I still couldn't use it because Sony had been hacked that Christmas) which I purchased approximately two months after Christmas. Now playing Call of Duty against bots and then two months afterwards playing online and a 40 kb /ps internet speed did not give me much of an advantage, but years later I am a CoD fanatic, who can easily be identified as the guy teleporting across the map messing up your quick scopes. Singleplayer zombies was probably the best but you can't beat hanging out with your mates. I got into youtube and currently have 91 subscribers.

Joined arcade because I needed help with Minecraft commands and I feel it has helped me turn into a better "Command Blocker".

Yeah I've got a "guy" stalking me

:/ .

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