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Quad Junctions. Why are some not working the same as identical looking one nearby?
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In case anyone reads this in future with a similar confusion. The answer was that I had used 'F' to fill between the two vertices next to my knife cuts. But I didnt realise this didn't turn the one ...

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Blender won't import .3ds file despite working in Photoshop
Accepted answer
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As user: martinsifrar suggests. You might be able to convert to the PLY format instead of the GO format. It appears you can use software called 3D Object Converter to accomplish this :) Have fun :)

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How to create and bake animations in Blender (when you already have created the Rig Skeleton)
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OK I found the answer. There is an animation mode in the view selection bit at the top of the screen (where is usually says default). This brings up the dope sheet and then I can manually add ...

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