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How to fill the selected UV island with colour when texture painting?
3 votes

The icon has just changed to a white box

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PythonScript to load data as colored point-cloud
2 votes

I've been looking at the same problem. There is a solution by some astrophysicists that can bring in massive amount of points or voxels but it does involve a bit of work to convert the point clouds. ...

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Booleon Modifier Artifacts
Accepted answer
1 votes

One thing that really improves Booleans is the 3D printing tool add one. Enable that (it is not enabled by default in 2.81) and then view it from the side menu at the top right. You can e it to check ...

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Boolean Modifier Issue
0 votes

Its not good to stack a lot of un-applied modifiers when you are using booleans - they are temperamental and it is better to apply the mods at every step. I have applied all of your mods in the order ...

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Can I apply D-noise to a folder of rendered stills of an animation?
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So it just turns out that if you render to stills and then use the Blender video sequencer to run those stills together into a video file you can just enable D-Noise at the bottom of the view 'Layer ...

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