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David Schwartz
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What you need to know about me:

  • CTO at Ripple, the company behind the Ripple settlement network.

  • One of the original architects of the XRP Ledger system, the first to solve the crypto-currency double spend problem without requiring either a central authority or proof of work.

  • My alter ego is "JoelKatz" on the Bitcoin forums and other places.

  • Follow me on Twitter -- @JoelKatz.

  • Areas of expertise include cryptography, payment and settlement networks, advising fintech and emerging technology startups, and C++ programming.

  • Areas of interest include computers, aviation (both full scale and model/drone), basketball and football.

  • My wife and I have a blog, but it's only rarely updated.

XMR: 8ALqLkYG82G4bU1NcFeNT54URcTrYi2vLYYNKXEz5sQQCSSSfXw7bXh3nWVcKtEXWR4q2oYsRLm1P1gVfT9cH8dfDovPyfR

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