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James Duvall
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I am not a programmer, but I do a fair amount of programming, which is a distinction I'm sure a lot of people will understand and appreciate. I am an engineer by education (BS Mechanical Engineering in 2003, MSE Biomedical Engineering in 2013), and my programming experience is mostly in terms of numerical algorithms, especially CFD (computational fluid dynamics).

I really enjoy coding and pick up different skills and techniques in a rather haphazard fashion. Some things that I know a little bit about are listed below:

  • {\LaTeX}
  • Structure of PDFs
  • gnuplot
  • R
  • Fortran, all variants of which I generally hate
  • C, and to a lesser extent C++
  • Python
  • gnuplot
  • PNG encoding
  • JPEG encoding
  • zlib compression

Since 2005 I have been in the Navy where I am a helicopter pilot (MH-60R) to be specific. Right now I am a Navy flight instructor in Jacksonville, FL. Needless to say, most of my programming is as a hobby or related to academics.

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