Nikola Lukic

General : Object-Oriented & Procedurally Programming

-JavaScript advanced (opengles 1.1/2/3 -webGL + websockets, 2dcanvas, real-time
 application or multiplayer games with full response for all modern desktop or mobile browsers)
From scratch with or without frameworks.JQ ,httprequest,100% respose or fixing specific response
 bugs.Xml,json,glmatrix,three.js.Pure JavaScript Motion capture (make your site interactive without
 mouse,just use hand in the air , videoChat on mobile web) , made custom script-
 drag,multiTouchHandler,canvas effect,realtime games 2d/3d android /ios)
-Objective C -  Swift 3 (Xcode 8 - opengles 1.1 -basic knowledge, html/xmlparse , soap,micro draw,2d 
-Network TCP/IP(Socket-client/server c#/VBA,websockets php/js,node.js)
-VS(VB&C#) windows desktop app ( not asp )
-win API 
-Mob Samsung (Bada)
-Unity3d js/c# script good knowledge 
-Ue 4.x basic mid knowledge
-Blender - beginner 
-Android - mid

website: https://maximumroulette.com

Experience in casino games (25 dif.type of games) 2d/3d online, sexy games, 3d anatomy multi platform, complex app, recycling poor and large projects.

more about webApp: No refresh,long polling,html classic tags, 1%css -Full duplex conn -Fast 2d/3d graphics -Diametric response