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Timothy Lee Russell
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I am the Founder and CTO of Snoffleware Studios LLC. Established in 2006, we provide custom software development services on various platforms across an eclectic set of industries.

I also started A Company that Makes Everything to explore making products outside the digital realm.

I spend a bit of time on StackOverflow, mostly learning but answering when I have something to add. #SOreadytohelp is my blog and ForestPad is my favorite textual organizer.

Roshambomb, "The Sentient Library" is a game for Android devices featuring an exciting story with futuristic intrigue, 100 levels of physics-based system hacking and a soundtrack by Throbbing Mattress Kitten. Roshambomb follows the story of @Je55ica and @Barbacoa as they attempt to overthrow the Sentients, a cabal of rogue robots who have reprogrammed themselves for world dominance. Hack your way through their defenses and provide a secure future for humanity.

RationalCalc is a calculator for Android that automatically converts between metric and imperial units and can work in decimal or fractions.

Throbbing Mattress Kitten was a one man band fueled by an amateur home studio stocked with instruments (drums, bass, guitar, mandolin, banjo, dobro, violin, harmonica, piano, trumpet and pedal steel) plus a little help from my friends.

Hyperubik is the new band persona. A corporate level of audio quality is the goal. Follow to hear about new releases which will adhere to a redefined standard of minimum fidelity.

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