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How can I remove all unused materials from a .blend file?
21 votes

running this code will do it :) import bpy for material in if not material.users: Just to clarify what this code does: for ...

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How do I completely remove an image from my .blend file?
14 votes

if you want to do it via code, you could take a couple of approaches: this removes all images in the blender file: import bpy # iterate over all images in the file for image in ...

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Having a UV maping problem, does anyone know what this is, and how to fix it?
3 votes

From your screenshot, you have pinned vertices in your UV. This will keep those vertices in place, in this case resulting in the weird unwrap result. The shortcut for pinning vertices is P - if you ...

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Making the buttonpress F6 into a scripted button
Accepted answer
2 votes

If you mean the "redo last" operation, which I believe is the default key binding for this function, then you can use this: (note that you'll have to include bl_info and register and unregister ...

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How to unwrap UV for each non-adjacent selected faces?
Accepted answer
1 votes

Assuming your topography won't change from this point forward ( or at least not significantly change ), you can solve this by following these steps: select the faces you want to unwrap ( in the case ...

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Why is this UV map going horribly wrong?
0 votes

The problem lies with the way you're trying to unwrap what is essentially a cylinder, which has a fairly standard workflow to get a proper UV for. By using a single seam along the length of the ...

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