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My career revolves around startups.


  • Built an entire MVP that led to the foundation of a business in Australia. Was responsible not only for the development of the all the systems, but also management of the infrastructure in the cloud - the business is still operating today
  • Worked with clients from different industries through self-employment
  • Was part of a team highly focused on delivery and results. There, we replaced legacy APIs - reducing time to update information from 1-2 days to near real-time (product successfully delivered before ETA); built ETL systems for inventory and price updates - integrated with 3rd party providers through different data sources (APIs, FTP, Email, etc.) in several formats (JSON, XML, CSV, etc.) and had an overall throughput of 20k price updates per second; implemented an asynchronous API which exposed a single uniform interface to communicate with several distinct 3rd party APIs; integrated products from different teams and provided aggregated searchable data for internal use and website
  • Became Tech Lead of the above mentioned team with the following responsibilities: led the team's tech decisions to guarantee that the scope and simplicity of the systems are aligned with the business requirements; interviewed candidates for positions across IT departments; supported development teams in several topics from software architecture to infrastructure, including migration of services and jobs from Mesosphere to Kubernetes; assisted the Head of Software Development in critical times

I have academic knowledge of OOP Java (Master degree in Information Systems), professional experience of Typescript (Node.js) and some experience of Scala with FP approach.

In the open source space, I've implemented a Rule Based Access Control module for Nodejs (rbac-core) and an integration for Hapijs (hapi-rbac) listed on the official Hapijs website. Recently, I've been playing with 3D modeling and WebXR and built a simple example with React and Threejs, also available publicly.

You can find more information about my career on LinkedIn.

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