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How to stop Blender from making the CPU overheat?
2 votes

If you are using GPUs, you can use Precision X to control the voltage and temperature speed so that it keeps to a lower temperature. If you are using CPUs, you probably have a muti-core CPU. Just use ...

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How to stop blender game engine using Python upon reaching a condition in the script?
1 votes

... Or just call bge.logic.endGame() ... Be mindful that the game will take a few secs to close, so unless you do something like: d = GameLogic.globalDict if 'shutdown' in d: print('Shutting ...

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Add renderable axis object
4 votes

I ended up creating an axis object... Here is the model link in blend swap. It can create an axis and a few other interesting vectors. To create the axes, it uses e.g. the input vectors = [ [(4,0,...

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