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questions about importing, exporting, or modifying files with the Scaleable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format
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for Blender-specific questions related to Blender and Unreal Engine game engine
Prior to Blender version 2.8, Groups were a means of organizing and instancing multiple objects, which could be manipulated as one. Use this tag for questions pertaining to Groups in version 2.79 and …
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A panel is a user interface organization element. It provides categorization by separating displayed elements
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The 3D cursor is a generic cursor which exists in 3D space. It's used for many things, from precisely positioning and snapping objects to marking the clone source while painting with a clone brush. It…
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Questions about the Dopesheet editor in Blender. The Dopesheet is used for managing animations and keyframes for the entire scene.
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Force fields can be used to add effect to many of Blender's physics systems (Such as wind to blow particles and cloth, turbulence to smoke, etc.)
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Prior to Blender version 2.8, Layers were used to separate objects in a scene. This tag is specifically for questions related to using layers in blender 2.79 or earlier.
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Questions relating to appending assets from one .blend file to another .blend file.
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(Render) Passes can be used to split rendered images into colors, direct and indirect light to edit them individually, and also to extract data such as depth or normals. Use this tag for questions con…
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An action is a data-block in Blender which stores animation data. This tag should be used when asking about managing or exporting actions, not for general animation questions.
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Denoising is the processes of getting clear signal (image) out of a noisy one usually by smoothing out the signal around a local neighborhood (a couple of pixels around the target pixel).
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OBJ (or Wavefront) files are plain text files that contain 3D geometry data. Blender can import from and export to this format. This tag is specifically for questions about using files with a '.obj' e…
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In math and physics, a vector is "s a geometric object that has magnitude (or length) and direction." Blender uses 3D vectors in compositing, material and geometry nodes; and elsewhere to represent di…
The Boolean modifier performs operations on meshes that are otherwise too complex to achieve with as few steps by editing meshes manually. It uses one of the three available Boolean operations to crea…
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Motion capture (Mo-cap for short) is the process of recording the movement of objects or people.
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Blender allows the user to control whether an object can be visible in the 3D view space separately from whether or not it will be visible in the render, through the visibility property. Use this tag…
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191 questions
Questions pertaining to measurements in Blender. Real measurements as well as Blender units are acceptable.
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Questions related to dimensions, size or scaling of objects, curves (Graph Editor), viewport, render, image, movie, ...
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MakeHuman is a free and open source 3D computer graphics middleware designed for the prototyping of photorealistic humanoids. It is possible to import MakeHuman models and armatures (rigs) into Blend…
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Use for questions relating to Blender's performance and usage of computer hardware.
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Questions about converting different types of data to other types of data. Anything from file types to objects and values.
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Dynamic paint is a modifier and physics system introduced in Blender 2.6x that can turn objects into paint canvases and brushes, creating vertex colors, vertex weights, image sequences, waves, or disp…
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The Curve modifier provides a simple but efficient method of deforming a mesh along a curve object. Use this tag for questions about using the Curve modifier.
The Mapping node transforms the input vector by applying translation, rotation, and scaling. The Vector Math node performs the selected math operation on the input vectors. Use this tag for questions…
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Re-topology is the process transforming messy meshes into quad-dominant topology without altering object shape, often after sculpting.
The File Browser is generally used to read and write files. You can also use it to manage the entire file system and it also allows the internal structure of a .blend file to be browsed.
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COLLADA (.dae) is a 3D content format based on xml managed by the Khronos Group. COLLADA was designed to act as an exchange format between different applications.
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Questions related to memory consumption. This refers to both RAM (Random Access Memory) usage and hard drive space.
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For use on questions asking how to optimize specific things. i.e. game logic, rigid body simulations, viewport performance.
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The Mirror modifier creates symmetry in an object along any arbitrary plane. Use this tag for questions about the use of the Mirror modifier.
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