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questions about importing, exporting, or modifying files with the Scaleable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format
a user interface organization element. It provides categorization by separating displayed elements
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the process of recording the movement of objects or people.
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Use for questions relating to Blender's performance and usage of computer hardware.
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143 questions
the processes of getting clear signal (image) out of a noisy one usually by smoothing out the signal around a local neighborhood (a couple of pixels around the target pixel).
a 3D content format based on xml managed by the Khronos Group. COLLADA was designed to act as an exchange format between different applications.
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Questions related to dimensions, size or scaling of objects, curves (Graph Editor), viewport, render, image, movie, ...
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a data-block in Blender which stores animation data. This tag should be used when asking about managing or exporting actions, not for general animation questions.
Questions pertaining to measurements in Blender. Real measurements as well as Blender units are acceptable.
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Questions about Blender involving other applications, such as external render engines.
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Questions about converting different types of data to other types of data. Anything from file types to objects and values.
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a modifier and physics system introduced in Blender 2.6x that can turn objects into paint canvases and brushes, creating vertex colors, vertex weights, image sequences, waves, or disp…
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For use on questions asking how to optimize specific things. i.e. game logic, rigid body simulations, viewport performance.
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a set of computers and the connections between them. Blender allows you to easily harness multiple computers' processing power by setting up a "render farm" over a network.
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A file format that uses JSON for the efficient transmission and loading of 3D scenes and models. Should be used in the scope of Blender and related packages regarding transmission as opposed to being …
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Questions related to memory consumption. This refers to both RAM (Random Access Memory) usage and hard drive space.
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generally used to read and write files. You can also use it to manage the entire file system and it also allows the internal structure of a .blend file to be browsed.
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an open source language designed for creating materials, lights, etc. The ability to add custom OSL scripts for rendering with Cycles was added to blender in 2.65
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106 questions
Light emitting shader
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Questions considering the process of reduction of noise in final renders and/or texture baking.
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a term use to refer to any effect that reduces sharpness in an image.
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for questions about managing or linking to blocks of data within a .blend file. The base unit for any Blender project is the data-block. Examples of data-blocks include: meshes, objects, …
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the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp when using a lens based camera, although the term is commonly used to simply refer…
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