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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

For questions about using IK in rigging. Inverse Kinematics is the opposite of the default Forward Kinematics. Instead of posing each bone in a chain from the base to the tip, IK solves the rotations …
Audio can take the form of sound strips or speakers in Blender both intended for adding audio to animation renders. Use this tag for questions about either form of audio in Blender.
400 questions
381 questions
Blender represents locations in a scene by their coordinates. The coordinates of a location consist of three numbers that define its distance and direction from a fixed origin.
372 questions
Logic bricks are the sensors, controllers, and actuators in the Logic Editor. They are used in the BGE.
370 questions
glTF is a file format that uses JSON for the efficient transmission and loading of 3D scenes and models. Blender has a built-in add-on to import and export glTF v2 files. Use this tag for questions …
Questions about Blender's graph editor. The graph editor is used for editing animated objects using F-Curves.
357 questions
Questions pertaining to the Windows Operating System as it relates to Blender. Questions can be anything from compatibility to optimization.
355 questions
Use this tags for questions about operations performed on objects when they are in object-mode, rather than any of the other modes, such as edit, sculpt and weight painting.
Questions about soft body physics in Blender's soft body physics engine and Blender's game engine. Use this tag for question pertaining to soft body physics.
350 questions
Questions regarding installation of Blender should use this tag. Also, use the respective operating system tag: windows, mac, or linux.
348 questions
Questions about viewing or rendering an object in wireframe. Wireframe is displayed by drawing only the object's edges. A wireframe is usually used to view the topology of an object.
344 questions
In digital imaging systems, color management is the controlled conversion between the color representations of various devices, such as image scanners, digital cameras, monitors, TV screens, film prin…
340 questions
High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) refers to the set of imaging technologies and techniques that allow to increase the dynamic range of images or videos. It covers the acquisition, creation, storage, d…
340 questions
An edge and line-based non-photorealistic (NPR) rendering engine. Available in Blender since version 2.67. Use this tag for all of your Freestyle related questions.
331 questions
The rigid body simulation can be used to simulate the motion of solid objects. It affects the position and orientation of objects and does not deform them. Use this tag for questions relating to the t…
329 questions
When images or other textures are mapped to materials, that mapping is performed using texture coordinates from either UV Map or a Texture Space. Use this tag for questions related to texture coordin…
Vertex colors are color values that can be stored with each vertex in a mesh. This tag is for anything related to them.
322 questions
for questions about the placement of the object origin, or about the origin in the various coordinate systems such as local and world.
307 questions
The basic purpose of the Timeline is to control movements of your objects in 3D space. The Timeline isn't the one really moving your objects in 3D space. Rather, the Timeline gives you insight as to w…
303 questions
The Outliner is an editor in Blender that gives you a 2D representation of all the data in the file as a list of hierarchies.
299 questions
Each vertex in a mesh can be assigned to one or more vertex groups. In each group it has a value between 0.0 and 1.0 called a vertex weight. Use this tag for questions about the use of vertex weights.
298 questions
questions related to the creation of specific visual effects within the compositor or just in general blender usage
297 questions
Axis form the basis of a Cartesian coordinate System. Blender has both world and local axis systems, as well as the ability to define custom transforms. Use this tag for questions about axis in Blen…
295 questions
Light emitting shader
292 questions
The Knife Tool cuts new edges into meshes, adding vertices to user-defined points regardless of existing topology. The Knife Project Tool projects the topology of one object onto another, using the cu…
280 questions
The Shrinkwrap modifier allows an object to “shrink” to the surface of another object. It moves each vertex of the object being modified to the closest position on the surface of the given mesh (using…
279 questions
Questions pertaining to the Linux Operating System as it relates to Blender. Questions can be anything from compatibility to optimization to making Blender work on a specific distro.
278 questions
Questions about using and managing different versions of Blender, past present and future. Use this tag for upgrade questions, installation questions, etc.
For questions pertaining to the appearance or settings of the World in Blender - meaning the environment you see as a background in your scene. World settings and capabilities vary depending on the re…
273 questions
questions about importing, exporting, or modifying files with the Scaleable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format
269 questions
F-curves are curves that show the changes in value over time of animated properties. Use this tag for questions about creating and modifying F-curves.
268 questions
for Blender-specific questions related to Blender and Unreal Engine game engine
267 questions
Questions related to the NLA (Non-Linear Animation) editor in blender.
266 questions
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