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for questions about managing or linking to blocks of data within a .blend file. The base unit for any Blender project is the data-block. Examples of data-blocks include: meshes, objects, …
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Denoising is the processes of getting clear signal (image) out of a noisy one usually by smoothing out the signal around a local neighborhood (a couple of pixels around the target pixel).
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Depth of Field (DoF) is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp when using a lens based camera, although the term is commonly used to simply refer…
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For coding questions about Blender development, including addon or script development with the Python API. Does not include general programming questions, non blender specific tasks or errors, nor com…
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Questions related to dimensions, size or scaling of objects, curves (Graph Editor), viewport, render, image, movie, ...
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Questions about procedural displacement, such as through bump maps, displacement nodes, geometry nodes or the displacement modifier.
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Questions pertaining to published blender documentation on blender such as the online manual, release notes, python api docs and similar.
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Questions about the Dopesheet editor in Blender. The Dopesheet is used for managing animations and keyframes for the entire scene.
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Use this tags for questions about operations performed on objects when they are in draw-mode, rather than any of the other modes, such as edit, sculpt and weight painting.
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Blender drivers are a way to control values of properties by means of a function, or a mathematical expression. Use this tag for questions about Blender drivers.
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Dupli-groups duplicate an object at each face, vertex or edge of a mesh.
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Dynamic paint is a modifier and physics system introduced in Blender 2.6x that can turn objects into paint canvases and brushes, creating vertex colors, vertex weights, image sequences, waves, or disp…
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Dynamic topology is a new sculpting mode that subdivides the mesh as needed, whereas regular sculpting only affects the shape of a mesh. This makes it possible to sculpt complex shapes out of a simple…
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An edge is a line segment connecting two vertices. An edge always connects two vertices by a straight line. The edges are the “wires” you see when you look at a mesh in wireframe view. They are usuall…
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Use this tags for questions about operations performed on objects when they are in edit-mode, rather than any of the other modes, such as object , sculpt and weight painting.
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EEVEE is a GPU based realtime engine for the viewport implemented for Blender version 2.8, using industry standard PBR (physically based rendering).
questions related to the creation of specific visual effects within the compositor or just in general blender usage
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Light emitting shader
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The process and techniques used when storing moving images, sound, metadata and other streams as a digital file.
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An error is an unexpected malfunction of an operation. Errors can be caused by a bug in the software, or by the user not using the software correctly.
for questions about features either not yet in the current release of blender, or those only enabled through the "experimental features" option in the properties area.
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