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When modeling a complex object, such as a watch, you may choose to model the different parts as separate objects. However, all of the parts may be attached to each other. In these cases, you want to d…
Questions about Blender's 3D motion or object tracking system. Object tracking is accessed via the Movie Clip Editor.
Extrusion tools duplicate vertices, while keeping the new geometry connected with the original vertices. Vertices are turned into edges and edges will form faces. Use this tag for questions about extr…
Normal mapping is an efficient technique for simulating bumps and wrinkles on the surface of an object by perturbing the surface Normals to redirect light that hits the surface of the object.
Questions specific to shader nodes, the nodes available for creating materials in the shader editor.
Questions about procedural displacement, such as through bump maps, displacement nodes, geometry nodes or the displacement modifier.
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Questions related to using and manipulating Shape Keys. Shape keys are used to deform objects by transforming the locations of control points over time. There are two kinds of shape keys, Relative and…
Questions about accessing object properties or attributes while scripting
Rigify is a bundled addon that provides ready made rigs (armatures) with custom controls. It is designed to help build full character or creature rigs with a building block approach. Use this tag for …
Vertex groups are a group of vertices from a mesh that allow specialized selections and or editing.
was originally intended for Procedural Textures, now known as Legacy textures, but has been expanded to include procedural materials introduced with the Cycles render engine and available for…
.fbx files are 3D files that can store meshes, animations, blend shapes, and textures.
3D printing is the process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model.
Blend files or .blend files are the zip like archive or format in which Blender stores data.
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Questions about rendering with volumes (smoke, fog, etc.). Use this tag for both Blender Internal and Cycles.
Pose Mode is a an editing mode specific to the armature object type, used for positioning, or 'posing' the bones in an armature. This tag should be used for questions about editing armatures in Pose M…
Questions about linked data. There are many kinds of data that can be linked, (e.g, Materials, Object Data, Modifiers, etc.) even across multiple blendfiles.
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Use of maths inside blender.
Scale is one of Blender's three transforms. This tag is appropriate for questions about scaling objects in object or edit mode.
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for questions related to precisely positioning objects with the snapping tools.
Questions related to creating and manipulating Blender Text objects. Text objects are useful for quickly creating 3D text by typing on the keyboard.
Questions related to instancing. Instancing is used to duplicate many objects that are the same. Uses such as particles, Dupliverts.
Questions pertaining to software performance or computational speed of Blender should use this tag. (Do not ask hardware specific questions. They are considered off-topic)
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Using multiple scenes is a way to split a Blender file into sections for organization (kind of like the tabs in a web browser). The [Game Engine](https://blender.stackexchange.com/tags/game-engine), (…
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An operator is a processing unit that is invoked/executed on scene data by the window manager.
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for question regarding "data paths" and "file paths" in blender.
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Blender has several physics simulations that support collisions, such as fluid and rigid body. Use this tag for questions about collisions in physics simulations.
Questions pertaining to using Blender from the command line or using Blender's console window.
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Collections were introduced in Blender 2.8 to replace object layers and groups as a scene organization tool. Use this tag for questions about 2.8 or later Collections. Use this tag for questions abo…
A file format is a particular way that information is encoded for storage in a computer file.
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Questions related to masking. Masking is used for many different things, such as compositing, hiding geometry, etc.
Render layers are used to separate pieces of a scene for rendering. Those layers can then be treated differently in the compositor.
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Blender Python Bmesh module, added in 2.63, provides an alternative method of manipulating meshes "giving Python access to the functions used by Blender’s own mesh editing tools.". Use this tag for q…
Logic bricks are the sensors, controllers, and actuators in the Logic Editor. They are used in the BGE.
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