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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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Transparency can be anything from an alpha-channel in an image, to shaders in the BGE, to transparency in a material, to the alpha pass in the compositor.
× 623
a line segment connecting two vertices.
× 622
a two-dimensional polygon, the space bounded by three or more edges.
× 610
Questions related to video files in Blender. Anything from loading a video into the 3D view(as a background image) to exporting an animation is acceptable.
× 584
specific frames where key points of an animation are defined by the user.
× 580
oriented and can be used to aid various calculations and effects. This tag should be used for questions regarding normals in Blender, from uses to issues.
× 569
Questions about blender's Bake feature under the Render panel, such baked images as normal maps, AO maps, and displacement maps, and texture maps.
× 549
Questions related to weight painting. Weight painting is a method of defining a value for things such as how much a certain vertex will be deformed by a bone, or how long hair particles should be on a…
× 549
object features, they control in various fashions the object's transform properties such as its position, rotation and scale.
× 535
Questions about Blenders Texture Painting. Texture painting is a tool used to paint textures on to an object in real time. (both in the 3D view, and the UV Image Editor)
× 513
Questions pertaining to Blender's built in sculpting tools and or plugins.
× 507
Questions pertaining to changing Blender's default settings and user preferences.
× 491
the act of pre-computing something in order to speed up some other process later down the line. Use this tag for baking any physics simulations.
× 488
Questions pertaining to Blender's built-in rigid body physics simulator and rigid body simulations in the Blender game engine. Rigid body physics are used to accurately calculate dynamic motion of non…
× 472
Issues related to the UV image editor and tools.
× 468
Questions pertaining to Blender and the Unity 3D game engines.
× 461
An add-on that provides a node based visual scripting system designed for motion graphics in Blender.
× 458
Questions about Blender's tools for managing selections. Selections are used to define what part of an object/path/curve/etc. is being manipulated or highlighted.
× 451
a specialized electronic circuit designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to accelerate the rendering or output images.
× 446
Questions pertaining to Blender's built-in smoke simulator.
× 436
Questions about the Fluid simulation systems in blender. Blender has two systems for simulating liquids, a SPH (Smoothed Particle Dynamics) system integrated with the particle system, and a Lattice Bo…
× 426
Questions pertaining to creating, editing or deleting shortcuts/hotkeys. Blender's keymap and input editor are accessible in User Preferences > Input.
× 414
Questions about the various ways one can edit objects with symmetry. e.g. the Mirror modifier, scaling by -1, Ctrl + M, the Array modifier, etc.
× 392
Questions about Blender's 3D motion or object tracking system. Object tracking is accessed via the Movie Clip Editor.
× 365
Questions about topology. Topology refers to the arrangement of faces, edges, and vertices on a mesh.
× 365
the sensors, controllers, and actuators in the Logic Editor. They are used in the BGE.
× 342
used to control one property with another. Drivers can also use python expressions to give even more possibilities, e.g. *#frame/2* will give the current fram…
× 342
Questions pertaining to Blender's built-in cloth simulator. Blender's cloth simulator is accessed in the Physics panel.
× 330
the zip like archive or format in which Blender stores data.
× 312
specified, calculated, represented, applied, or processed in Blender. This is not for use as a generic tag. Questions may include topics such as color space, col…
× 312
Questions related to using and manipulating Shape Keys. Shape keys are used to deform objects by transforming the locations of control points over time. There are two kinds of shape keys, Relative and…
× 312
When modeling a complex object, such as a watch, you may choose to model the different parts as separate objects. However, all of the parts may be attached to each other. In these cases, you want to d…
× 305
a group of vertices from a mesh that allow specialized selections and or editing.
× 301
Questions pertaining to creating, generating or editing an objects geometry. Object geometry is defined by editing and creating the location and rotation of vertices, edges, and faces.