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The video sequence editor is blender's NLEs (non-linear editing system). The VSE is a timeline-based video editor in blender.
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for questions about light, lamps, background lighting, emission materials, or light in the compositor, no matter which render engine (currently EEVEE or Cycles) you are using.
1503 questions
An edge is a line segment connecting two vertices. An edge always connects two vertices by a straight line. The edges are the “wires” you see when you look at a mesh in wireframe view. They are usuall…
A face is a two-dimensional polygon, the space bounded by three or more edges.
Questions pertaining to Blender's built in sculpting tools and or plugins.
Questions about using light objects (point, sun, spot, and area), the world object, and shader nodes that have emission properties (principled, principled volume, and emission)
Keyframes are specific frames where key points of an animation are defined by the user.
Questions about any workflow in Blender, or just ways to go about doing something.
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Questions about Blenders Texture Painting. Texture painting is a tool used to paint textures on to an object in real time. (both in the 3D view, and the UV Image Editor)
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Normals describe how faces and vertices are oriented and can be used to aid various calculations and effects. This tag should be used for questions regarding normals in Blender, from uses to issues.
Questions related to weight painting. Weight painting is a method of defining a value for things such as how much a certain vertex will be deformed by a bone, or how long hair particles should be on a…
Questions about blender's Bake feature under the Render panel, such baked images as normal maps, AO maps, and displacement maps, and texture maps.
Baking is the act of pre-computing something in order to speed up some other process later down the line. Use this tag for baking any physics simulations.
Constraints are object features, they control in various fashions the object's transform properties such as its position, rotation and scale. Use this tag for questions pertaining to constraints and t…
Questions about the Fluid simulation systems in blender. Blender has two systems for simulating liquids, a SPH (Smoothed Particle Dynamics) system integrated with the particle system, and a Lattice Bo…
For questions related to the UV editor and its tools.
Questions pertaining to Blender's built-in rigid body physics simulator and rigid body simulations in the Blender game engine. Rigid body physics are used to accurately calculate dynamic motion of non…
Questions pertaining to creating, generating or editing an objects geometry. Object geometry is defined by editing and creating the location and rotation of vertices, edges, and faces.
Questions pertaining to Blender's built-in cloth simulator. Blender's cloth simulator is accessed in the Physics panel.
An add-on that provides a node based visual scripting system designed for motion graphics in Blender. This tag should be used when asking about how to use the add-on and not when asking about animatin…
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Questions related to video files in Blender. Anything from loading a video into the 3D view(as a background image) to exporting an animation is acceptable.
for questions involving Blender's Subdivision Surface modifier
Questions centered around how color is specified, calculated, represented, applied, or processed in Blender. This is not for use as a generic tag. Questions may include topics such as color space, col…
Hair is one of the two particle system settings. Hair particle systems can create strandlike systems.
Questions pertaining to creating, editing or deleting shortcuts/hotkeys. Blender's keymap and input editor are accessible in User Preferences > Input.
Questions about topology. Topology refers to the arrangement of faces, edges, and vertices on a mesh.
Questions pertaining to changing Blender's default settings and user preferences.
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An error is an unexpected malfunction of an operation. Errors can be caused by a bug in the software, or by the user not using the software correctly.
The Grease Pencil tools allow Blender users to draw lines inside of the 3D viewport. Possible uses for the resulting sketches include scene and animation planning as well as in-scene descriptions. The…
Questions pertaining to Blender's built-in smoke simulator.
Questions about Blender's tools for managing selections. Selections are used to define what part of an object/path/curve/etc. is being manipulated or highlighted.
questions about blender's bevel modifier, text beveling, or the bevel tool in edit mode.
Blender drivers are a way to control values of properties by means of a function, or a mathematical expression. Use this tag for questions about Blender drivers.
A graphics processing unit (GPU) is a specialized electronic circuit designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to accelerate the rendering or output images.
for questions pertaining to Blender and the Unity 3D game engines.
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Questions specific to shader nodes, the nodes available for creating materials in the shader editor.
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