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How to keep rig from deforming mesh in its rest pose?

Like moonboots said, if these are your IK controllers then they are not in line with the knee so after the IK takes place the knee is going to be pointing outwards, even if the bones don't look ...
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How to fix arms clipping into body problem

You could create a new shapekey then select some vertices in Edit mode: Activate the Proportional Editing option, move these vertices until you are glad with the result: Keyframe the shapekey at 1 ...
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How do I rig a mesh without faces?

Blender does not have any functionality to use direct weight painting on meshes without faces. Nor can you effectively weight paint a mesh that is composed of geometry dynamically generated with ...
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How do I paint and sculpt with a ''Connected only'' brush? Like edit mode has

No, this logic does not exist for Weight Paint. In Edit Mode, you have selected something - that is a very distinct part of the geometry, and Blender can evaluate what is connected to this selection ...
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Rigging issue, novice

To fix the "Bone Heat Weighting: failed" error, select your mesh and go into Edit Mode. Press A to select all vertices/edges/faces, then go to top menu Mesh > Clean Up > Decimate ...
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