If you can move to 2.93.4 it will be to your advantage because a number of Video Sequence Editor bugs have been fixed. In this case, it's very easy to do: Use the Crop settings to select the cropping you want. Here I simply cropped 100 pixels off of each side and the top and bottom. This leaves the image centered. Use the Transform -> Scale X and ...


Look at the right side of your screenshot where it says Effect Stip. Size X, Y is the size of the blur. You need to increase the value to something higher for the blur to take effect.


You can do it like this: Important for the image strip: Change the blend mode to something like alpha over: result:


So I have explained why gaussian is not working in comments and it is simple as you just nned to set size X and Y to some value, but for that part "Also, how can I have two videos: one for before effect and one for after effect, like the documentation screenshot below?" Just use this settings in one of your previews, you need to select channel that ...

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