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When you join two armatures whoose bones share some names, the last selected ("active") armature bones mantain their names while the first selected (which will be merged into the other) will have all duplicated names with an added suffix ".001". So, you can type ".001" in the outliner filter and you will have a list of all duplicate names.


Enter Edit Mode by pressing Tab with the object selected. Then, press 1 to enter vertex selection mode. Select any vertex, then press E to extrude. This will add another vertex that you can play with. Since you'll probably want to connect that vertex back to the mesh somehow, you can fill in space between two vertices by first selecting them both (hold ...


I had the same problem working with v2.8, and I found that if you move your object out of its original hiearchy where it was "linked"/"parented" from the armature in the scene selection (in "View Layer" top left) into just the scene selection (in "View Layer" top left); then you have the option of reset to parent Ctrl + P > Set parent to > Armature Deform > ...


Tissue addon 0.3.38 for Blender 2.8 can convert weights to vertex color.

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