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I recomended to use "curve circle" node instead of "mesh circle" node, and "curve to points" node for giving correct rotation to all triangles. In the examples below you can rotate triangles inward or outward simply by changing "Y" rotation vector in "transform" node. Example 1. All outward. Example 2. All ...


The Attribute Math node is no longer necessary because the ordinary Math node now accepts fields as inputs and produces a field as output. The Point Separate node has been replaced with the more general Separate Geometry node. Here’s an example of how the new nodes might be used together in a configuration similar to the one in the video:


you can do it like this: i just took an icosphere and some cylinders to show as an example. If you want help with your blend file, please provide it. Thanks.


It is not a vector, it is regular Euler rotation angles. I believe that you are familiar with them: Only difference, that they in radians, not in degrees. You can use them, for example, to rotate instances For example, this setup rotates cones according to the face normals, and Align Euler to Vector is used to convert normal vector to rotation triple.


what's the best way to represent a group of vectors emerging from a black and white texture? Shader Geo Result


as you can see in this simple setup, your assumption is wrong. Color is RGB -> so if you plug this in a vector it gets xyz. Noise give us a value from 0 to 1 (and looks like that it is a different for each rgb/xyz). And as this test shows: And here the same test, but just setting absolute positions: With this node setup you can see, from which position ...

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