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use the environment texture node and object coordinates , not UVs


Using UV Map If that's a NASA mars projection, chances are it's an equirectangular, ie longs -180 to 180 mapped 0 to 1 in U and lats -90 to 90 0 to 1 in V. To make it rotate around the pole to pole axis increment, ie translate (not rotate) the U coordinate. The default uv sphere UV is pretty much the equirectangular projection. Result with default UV map ...


One way to make that is by creating a special UV unwraping which will basically take every face of your model and unwrap them all on top of each other and taking the entire UV space. If you have other UV maps already, make sure to first create a new UV map in your object so you don't lose your previous UV maps: Then select the new UV Map, go to edit mode, ...

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