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Blender UV map is very small resolution using TexTool addon

The islands you see and manipulate in the UV Editor are not the texture, they're the way programs will convert the vertices from 3D space to a 2D texture. So when you scale them up or move them ...
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Can I disable the alpha channel in the UV editor?

Like every image window of Blender, you'll find these options here on the top right corner of the window :
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Geometry nodes - Pack UV Mesh quads sliced by Grid into first UDIM (0..1)

You're 2D-arraying a default "Grid" and then sample UVs from it, however when you're sampling at a position equal to an edge/corner of the source "Grid" array, there's 2/4 ...
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1 vote

UV editing doesn't show

Maybe no UV's have been generated yet, maybe they have been moved away, maybe they have been scaled to 0, maybe others possibilities. While in edit mode, select all vertices and press U > Smart UV ...
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