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[Object mode] Select the object. Shift+S > Cursor to selected. This way we'll ensure the transforms are done relative to the object pivot point. Change Transform Pivot Point to 3D Cursor. [Edit mode] press A - it selects everything. Then press R followed by Z, X or Y, whichever axis you need to rotate object around and type 90, confirm with Enter (that's 90 ...


You can check Only Origins to only transform the origin point. It's in Sidebar > Tool > Transform, Shortcut: N Then you can rotate the local axis, without affecting geometry.


The transform displayed is the transform of the Object. This particular face has been rotated with respect to object it belongs to, in Edit Mode. One way to align the object to its face, and center it: In Edit mode, select the face, and in the Header >Transform Orientations menu, hit the little '+' to create a Custom Orientation from the face. ShiftS > ...


Scale it along the x or y axis to 0


Maybe, instead of the native curve bevel, you can use Array and Curve modifiers on a profile segment ..(blue section, below) The array can have 'Start' and 'End' caps (red and yellow). It's easier to use Constant Offset in the array. Adjust (here, in Z,) the positions of the caps in Edit Mode, until the 'Merge' in the array takes, before giving the array ...


Press ">", than choose "median point". Make sure "only location" is not selected.

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