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Solve error high with good track?

Playing with track Weight may allow quick solving convergence, while keeping some (all) poor quality tracks. Solve as usual, then run this script into a python console, and then solve again. Desired ...
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When should I use different tracker motion models when motion tracking?

The Motion Model switch tells the motion solver for which motion it should look (Blender Documentation). You kind of need to think backwards here. For every camera movement you want to track - which ...
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Solve error high with good track?

First try deleting the big sliding errors, where tracked seem to deviate a lot from others, just select the big spikes and delete. Then find the best sample region for keyframes, I think perhaps 40-70 ...
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How does BLAM work?

Blam has been updated a bit since those tutorials. Use the MCE (Movie Clip Editor) or Stabilizer, to load the clip. The Blam addon should appear in the Tools panel in a tab called Miscellaneous. Turn ...
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What's wrong with the prefetching?

You probably need to set a higher cache limit in your preferences. It is under the System tab. The default is 4 GB which may not be enough for what you're doing.
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How can I show the Search Area box on a tracking point?

The visualization of the search area can be enabled in the Clip Display panel in the section Marker Display. Enable the checkbox named Search to show the search area. Alternatively you can also select ...
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Camera solving - what algorithm is used?

I also came across this thread after reading Blender's source code and I found the thesis paper by Keir Mierle which explains the algorithms and the process of 3D reconstruction used in libvm: https://...
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How to get cameras local x-axis pointing up?

You probably want to use the "Track To" constraint. Then you can configure which axis should point to the object, and which axis should point upward. For a camera this would be typically -Z for the "...
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Camera solving - what algorithm is used?

I came across your question while trying to find the answer myself, and was disappointed to see it hadn't been answered. After further digging, I don't think this question has a simple answer. There's ...
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Mesh reconstruction using tracking data

There is currently no way to reconstruct a more detailed mesh between the camera-solved Control Points from within blender. Thats because the Camera Solver does not look at the image data at all, It ...
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How to export a 2D stabilized movie clip?

After setting up and tracking a video in the movie clip editor, you will want to use the tracking data to export an altered video. The adjusted video you see in the clip editor is only an in-memory ...
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Cannot continue my model because of unexplained angles in the X Y and Z orientations

Try to change the transform orientation type to Global (in your case it is set to Normal). You may also add a custom transformation for precise axes set up. Press Ctrl+Alt+Space and name it in the ...
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How can I move tracking markers along the timeline?

Tracking points are uniquely associated to the clip and to every frame. The tracking points in the graphs and dopesheet are just for information and to visualize possible errors, and are thus not ...
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Match dynamic range of render to dynamic range of camera tracked footage?

mqbaka was right about exporting and combining them in a different file or scene. From my experience in VFX, this is the best way I've learned to go about it: Have your scene tracked, modeled, lit, ...
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How do i do to invert object tracking orientation

Try to get a Solve Error of 0.6 or lower They don't provide any camera information and especially the Focal Length is missing, so you'll need trying out what works. 1. Find as much points as possible ...
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What does "three tracks with bundles are needed to orient the floor" mean?

It simply means you didn't clicked on solve button after tracking your video steps to have a clean track Track points on your video Highlight all track markers or your points by pressing A and pres ...
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Can motion tracking and Video Stabilization constrain to y axis only?

I use little different setup - shown in the picture - eliminates x axis movement by inverting it and adding it as transformation (scale node is not used intentionaly)
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Is it possible to use four corners of a single marker for a plane track?

Using Python, we can just create a new track for each of the corners, which in turn allows to create a classical Plane Track. ...
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Something wrong with my hole

You can also mix the material of the sides of the hole with a holdout shader while using the backfacing output of a geometry node as the fac input of the mix shader. Without the holdout shader: With ...
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Depth information from pair of stereo images

Depth estimation from images is a well established field and Blender is not the software to go for. Look for keywords like 3D reconstruction, structure-from-motion, multiview stereo, stereo ...
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How do I change between different images based on the rotation of the camera

You'll need to use a node setup that gives you the object / world space normals of the face, then get you the horizontal direction of the face using atan2(x,y) and use that as a mix factor between ...
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How to delete a mask in the movie clip editor?

Hold down Shift and click on the X button right beside the mask dropdown. This will unlink the 'mask data-block' from your file. To get rid of the mask's data, ...
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Shadow catcher casts light (?) on the floor

It's a problem in Compositor. Seems like by mistake you connected AO pass instead of Shadow pass of Background layer to Add node in Compositor. The same issue as yours: And correct one:
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How to track a point with axis

The "Clamp To" constraint and the "Track to" constraint can co-exist on the Object Constraints panel. Place the "Clamp To" above the "Track To", so that the track targeting happens from the newly ...
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