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Ok, I have found the way to match top and side view. It allowed me to match the position of points on two planes - horizontal and vertical - rather than on one and ending up with distorted model. Here is what I did: I have put reference image on a plane, subdivided it - first horizontaly when looking from top. I moved the lines to strech image and match ...


You could draw the lines from top view (something approximately like that): Create another object with the side view as model, then shrinkwrap your first object (Wrap Method > Project) to this second object: Apply the Shrinkwrap modifier: Begin to move the vertices to sculpt all the slots, etc:


Edit mode: Enter Face select mode Select and delete this face: Select and delete these faces: Select and delete this vertex: Enter Edge select mode Using the F2 add-on fill the large hole with faces: F2 allows you to select one edge of the hole, position the cursor inside the hole and then create the face with F. Select the left most edge of the hole,...


As others suggested, the culprit is a inner vertex. For the reference, one can use Select -> Selecty All by Trait -> Non Manifold to find this kind of problem.

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