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How to merge objects and have good topology?

Consider that you don't need to in this specific case. In real life those are separate parts, there is no reason to merge them in your 3d model - that would actually be less realistic. The gun ...
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Baking Heightmap, Curved Instead of Flat?

Set View Transform in Color Management in Render properties to ...
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How do I get rid of the artifacts on this sphere?

Try this topology: I began by creating this vertex: Then bevel this edge: Extrude: Add these edges and so on: Result: Topology for a square shape:
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Making Subsurface Modifier Keep Shape With Less Topology

As far as pictured in the second image, your windows consist of only 4 Vertices. Maintain the shape they have with a high stepped SubD, you'd need to add at least 4 more vertices to each window, one ...
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Faces appear translucent

The weird shading is on the "Plane" object which has a bad set of "Custom Split Normals" data. Select the "Plane" object, hit F3 and search for and run the "Clear ...
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