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Looks like some of your vertices are over-scaled on the Y (yellow). It could also be from vertices that don't have an edge. Try scaling down on the Y (yellow arrow below)


For hard surface modeling I wouldn't worry about keeping the faces as quads. I know some people will try to beat it in your head to keep it all quads, but if you have a non-deforming, flat face that is clean as an ngon, on a hard surface model it's fine. The key words are flat and non-deforming.


If your render is OK you can keep it as it is, there must be simpler topologies like this one:


There is a ZRemesher port for Blender available as a paid plugin, made by the original author of Zbrush's ZRemesher. Free demo version is available and you have a month to evaluate it yourself. As far as I tested it, it's a real deal, working quickly and resulting in a nice topology (for an automated tool). https://exoside.com/quadremesher/ https://www....

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