You can just call bpy.ops.image.save_sequence() within the Image Editor. Override the context If you would like to call the operator from another area, you can override the context: import bpy C = bpy.context for area in C.screen.areas: if area.type == 'IMAGE_EDITOR': override = C.copy() override['area'] = area bpy.ops.image....


From what I understand with b&w drawings and bump maps: Your image needs to be EXR (it is) It needs a high enough resolution (maybe increase it) Enable Cubic instead of Linear in the Image Texture:


Thank you for posting this question. I encountered a similar problem too, here is what I found: I don't have any modifier on my model but the symmetry texture paint is still off. So I apply All Transforms to my models' parts in object mode by clicking ctrl A. Then the symmetry texture painting work like a charm.

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