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Can't bake second material to one face of object

I got it. It was silly of me to expect the bumps in the diffuse bake. Turns out you have to bake diffuse, normal and roughness textures first and then apply them all in the final material.
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Bake after Principle BSDF

It looks like you have no light sources in your scene. When you bake the Diffuse pass (as per your screenshots), then all diffuse light that gets reflected from your object is baked to the selected ...
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Bake after Principle BSDF

Only Textools, not Blender, needs a material to finish by a Principled BSDF. And this requirement does not mean you have to put a Principled BSDF at the end of any material that doesn't have one: it's ...
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Baking AO: Certain region is black

First of all see and show tab UV map. Sometimes we use not exactly UV map that we bake. Often when you use from Blender Kit new material, it makes new UV map named "automap". And Blender ...
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Blender bake texture is black

Solution was to open the console (window > toggle system console) and look for errors. In my case, I had errors where blender tried to open a file in a directory that didn't exist. Creating the ...
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