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switch to Edit mode, rotate text 90° in Z axis, so the text alongs Local Y axis (don't ask me why) all control points set to Handle type (V) > Free switch to Object mode and rotate along X axis 90° add Curve Modifier > Deformed by Circle, Deformation Axis > -Z Essential parts of successful deformation and avoiding other issues are keep origins of both ...


Sure thing. Just use the black and white image as a mask for transparency. Connect your material nodes like this. And use the Transparent BSDF node. If you're using Evee, don't forget to enable Alpha Blend You can also combine different colors the same way. All of these planes were created using the same bw image.


After installation ( Header > Edit > Preferences > Add-Ons tab ) the shipped '3D View: MeasureIt' add-on can be used to label vertices, just using the 'Label' option: They can be rendered, too, but I don't think you can suppress the line between the text and the vertex..


You can add your vertices to a group and rename that group instead of renaming the vertices itself.


first search font in blender, switch to folder windows/fonts, select the font there, and drag and drop in into the blender-folder; it went to fast but the message was something like font installed below 'user/...`' and that's why blender doesn't find it


It seems that your font file is missing the file extension. While Windows knows that it's a TrueType font, Blender simply filters files by their file extension. Since this particular file doesn't have one, it isn't displayed in the file browser. Add the .ttf file extension to the file name and it should work properly. Alternatively you can temporarily ...

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