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A question about snapping

This is expected behavior. Virtually any operation (including Move) will, by default, only run on the selected elements. Selection would be basically useless if it didn’t specify which elements an ...
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How can I Align a Flat Surface to Three Vertices?

First fill in a face into the 3 vertices so you have a face you can snap to. Then under the Snapping tool options, select the following options: Now you can select the Grid and simply grab with G and ...
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How to snap during rotation?

The "Precision" section of the transformation documentation provides the answer: Holding Ctrl during a transform operation (such as move, rotate or scale) will toggle Transform Snapping. ...
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How do I snap object edges to other object edges?

You can use snapping: Select both objects and enter edit mode Select a wall vertex and shift-select the corresponding grass vertex Perform "Snap selection to Active", for example by ...
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Snapping one orientation to another?

Set the snapping mode to Faces. In edit Mode, select a Face which has the desired orientation, go to Transform Orientations Menu and click Plus sign to create a custom orientation. Then press G, then ...
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