You can map one of the pen or tablet buttons in Wacom Tablet Properties to Ctrl+Tab as per this list of Blender shortcuts. Note that you can create a specific setting just for Blender. Go to Wacom Tablet Properties Optionally, set a specific application Select the dropdown menu for the button you plan on changing Select "Keystroke..." Press Ctrl+...


They are not united. They are overlapping. Well, easy ... not really, no. First you need to select the finger you want to edit. I did from the inside, which I think, is much easier. Then you can rotate, move, scale the selected nodes/faces. Proportional editing might come in handy. Also, using the 3D-Cursor at the nuckle might help with rotations. You could ...


Because you have keyframed Location, Rotation and Scale values. To see the issue you don't have to reopen file, just move on Timeline to another frame. After Apply Ctrl+A All Transforms you have to set keyframes again I. Yellow color indicates keyframed value, orange edited/unsaved a change. What is happening here? When you apply transforms they became to ...


I did a bit of searching and think I've found an answer. Wacky, weird colors when entering sculpt mode (blender v2.83) Basically, clock on the dropdown menu near the viewport mode selection, and deselect 'Face sets' This should do the job. Hope this helps.


Just expand the ► Symmetry section (next section in your screenshot), at the bottom there is the Symmetrize button. (Blender 2.91)

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