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9 votes

How do I make cracks in this picture?

If you want cracks in the ground, something like this may suit your case: Here's the Picture of the node tree: You may play with the values a bit, if you want to alter the result. This Setup enables ...
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4 votes

Mesh turned Black in Sculpting Workspace

You have masked your object by accident, press AltM to unmask.
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4 votes

Alpha Texture Brush isn't working?

There are 4 main problems you're facing: The texture has low contrast: start with the more contrasted one, until you get confortable with the tecnique. The model hasn't enough topology: go to ...
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2 votes

Smooth Brush is not working properly. It shows a line and smooths that region when I move it

I got it! I pressed Shift+S in sculpt mode by mistake which made my smooth brush enabled with Stabilize Strokes. I turned it off by pressing Shift+S again and now my smooth brush works fine. You can ...
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1 vote

Problem with Sculpting Remesh

It looks like you are using the Subdivision Surface modifier on your model and when you remesh, the remesh is applied first, causing the mesh to look blocky. To fix this, apply subdivision and then ...
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1 vote

Problems with grab tool in Sculpt mode specifically trying to lock the sphere while grabbing

Not sure if you've fixed it yet, but I think it might've been a small oversight. When you add a subdivision surface modifier to round the cube, you gotta click on the little arrow icon in the top ...
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