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Modeling Problem (Persian Helmet)

I've noticed the first answer, just wanted to include a direction for the remaining parts. Yes! A UV sphere is the best way to approach the big round part. No Geometry Nodes are needed for this model. ...
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How do I fill/fit an object into the empty space of another (eg the center filling of a cookie)

Rather than trying to fit your center to the cookie itself, try using the cookie as the starting point of the base of the center. Duplicate your mesh. Select what will become the bottom of the center....
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Blender sculpting

Bring back the radial symmetry to its default 1:
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Remove parts of object, which are inside of another object

If you're doing this to retopo the model, I suggest to use the Voxel Remesher. It is found under Object Data Properties > Remesh. The most important parameter is ...
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How can I smooth these lumps and bumps, to match with that of the surrounding surface?

I suggest to use a Cast modifier. Setting it up will be a bit tricky, though. You will need an empty object to define the center axis of the cylinder which is going to be the Z-axis of the empty. You ...
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Is there a way to smooth a mesh without it flattening?

Change the Deformation setting of the Smooth brush tool to Surface from Laplacian. You can ...
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