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Questions concerning scripting in Blender using the Python programming language. Also use this tag for questions about scripting in OSL (Open Shading Language).

Blender can be scripted using Python. In the past, there have been unofficial projects to bring other languages to Blender, but these are not supported and should not be brought up here.

Almost any aspect of Blender can be scripted through its extensive and powerful Python API. Questions (NB: Not tutorial requests) regarding scripting in Python are supported here.

However, scripting Blender (for headless rendering, for instance) using a shell such as sh, bash or powershell (on Windows) may be supported depending on the situation; so long as the question is relatable directly to a Blender issue.

For example:

On topic:
"What arguments should I use to make Blender render 3 images from the command line?" - in which the shell in question is sh and an example script is provided.

Off topic:
"Why is my Blender cmd rendering script not working?" - in which the shell is sh and the problem is with the script (not Blender).

Questions regarding scripting in other languages, in which the problem is with the script or language in question, are better served on other sites across the Stack Exchange network, such as Superuser, Unix and Linux, and Ask Ubuntu.

See: What questions should be definitely off-topic?

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