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Connect multiple vertex pairs

An operator that can handle this kind of cases: The code checks: if we have an even number of vertices selected if they share one face If one of these conditions is not respected, it will do ...
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How to get what a node group's name is inside a material?

Gorgious has just posted an answer that will simplify your life, here. As you can: dict_of_group_to_users = bpy.data.user_map(subset=bpy.data.node_groups) But for ...
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Where is my script?

If you don't save it in a separate file, try searching in the datablock selector:
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How to display progress notifications from an Operator?

Here's a minimal working example that displays a progress bar filling in the UI. I used a modal operator and a timer but it can be driven by any property. You'll need Version 4.0 and bpy.types....
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