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How to render an image the exact way its displayed in the vrendered preview

You show the Viewport Shading settings, these settings allow you to set what you’re currently seeing in your 3D View but they won’t be taken into account for the render. For exemple you’ve disabled ...
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Scenes vs. View Layers - What's the Difference?

View Layers are mostly used for the Compositor, they allow you, for each layer, to vary the visibility settings of the collections in order to assign an effect to a specific collection only, for ...
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How to align the camera precisely to an image plane

I assume you added your image using the built-in addon Images as Planes. Make sure 3D cursor is at World Origin using Ctrl+C then import image and don't move or change the dimension for testing. Make ...
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Camera visible in View and Scene Menus but not in Outliner or 3D Viewport

Blender keeps information of an object which has been deleted. It deletes the object but keeps the information about it. For example say you had 2 cameras in your scene. Cam A and Cam B. Now you ...
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What's the best way to use scene management with fully rigged characters

Usually, you create assets each in their own blend file (it helps keeping things tidy, version controlling and also helps with performances thanks to smaller files faster to work with and being able ...
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How much noise is perfect for that "camera" look(compositor)?

Digital noise and film grain are two distinct things. Here is a comparison (a quick simulation I did, so not 100% accurate) : Digital noise Reason : individual red, green or blue sensor firing for ...
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Help with Shadow compositing

You can achieve a similar effect in Cycles with negative strength emission. This effectively absorbs power from the scene, removing light intensity in the vicinity of the source, creating a darkening ...
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Workflow for adding audio to scenes and combining them in the VSE

Ow I'm not sure I understood your pipeline/process, but I wanted to do the same thing, basically replicating iClone in blender, having a number of lip-synch animation scenes in my blender file, and be ...
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How to unlink / remove an object from a scene?

These observations apply to version 4.0.2 It depends on how it ended up being linked to the scene. If it's not part of a collection that was also linked ( e.g. if it was individually spawned from ...
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Storypencil flicker

I have seen this happen also, it has something to do with two scenes linked to the same strip playing over themselves. I had some luck fixing this by going to the Browse Scene tab (upper right) and ...
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