The rigid body simulation does have it's own start and end. In the 'Rigid Body World' settings you can change the simulation start and end.


Probably not serious answer, but easier to explaine. What about to add one collision object? Example with only one bone (your blend) plus Cylinder as collider, bad timing and probably better to use some less circle shape, but you got idea. For final shape you can try Modeling Cloth addon, you can "model" shape in a realtime, final shape is stored as ...


Physics engines can be something of a pain, even in commercial packages. In your example I tried using two ground-planes, one sloped, the other flat, and it seems no matter what the settings are on the flat plane, the ball appears to all but ignore those that are not extreme. That would make them unusable anyway. There are two ways to circumvent this. ...


Got an answer over discord but I figured I'd post it here to help anyone who finds this in the future. Connect the "stick" to the armature using object constraints instead of the armature modifier.


In 2.81a on Windows, I had to add all objects I wanted to simulate into a collection, set physics on one object, then RMB the collection, choose "select objects" and then in 3d window CTRL+L and select Collection. It works! Edit I was NOT using Cell Fracture add-on. I was using many blocks via Mesh>Extras>Wall Factory from the Add Mesh: Extra Objects add-...

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