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How to add pie menu item to the quick favorites?

You can set it from the Object > Snap menu as shown below.
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How to add pie menu item to the quick favorites?

You might don't know where you can find the function in menus, or even if it can be found in the interface. But everything in Blender you can find using quick search, Just press F3 and type what you ...
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How to select Hierarchy from 3d view

I do the following to select a hierarchy (in Blender 2.93): Select the parent Shift+G (Select Similar) and select Children Make sure ...
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Quick favorites dosen't show up in 3D viewport

Quick Favourites menu needs to be populated with functions of your choice. You need to add operators to it by right-clicking on something and choosing Add to Quick Favourites: The menu is also ...
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2.8 Can't find "Create orientation" in the menus, therefore can't add it to "Add to quick favorites" does not work in Search

Is it what you're looking for? You can right click to create a shortcut:
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How to change the Quick Favorites key in Blender 2.80 Beta?

You simply click on the option in the menu with the right button and then on Add to Quick Favourites.
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2.80: Pie menus and Quick Favorite menu - conflict?

Pie Menus are enabled by default in blender 2.8, so you no longer need to enable the addon. So now the q key will work as quick favorites. But how do you get the view pie menu that the addon ...
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Re-order quick favorites in blender

Sadly it doesn't seem to be possible. You can remove and add items to the quick favorites to somewhat reorder them but that seems to be the most you can do for now.
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Can I export Quick Favorites from 2.82 to 2.83

Quick Favorites are part of user preferences and saved along them in the preferences file. Copying this file from one installation to another should bring Quick Favorites with it. Beware that this ...
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How to add a python script to the quick favorites menu?

You could probably use Script To Buttons. Create a button out of your script and add it to quick favorites panel. Done.
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