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How to rotate bone around tail in pose mode?

Bones (aka joints in others softwares), always rotate around their head, if you need another pivot point you simply add a new bone in that location, this is the way they are designed. There is no ...
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Character all wrong in armature

Your faces are not correctly oriented (see image), recalculate with ShiftN and parent again.
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Set pose bone rotation using world space direction (Python)

I think it's best to do this in two steps. In the first step, we rotate the bone to align its y-axis with your custom vector. Then, in the second step, we rotate the bone along its y-axis (or the ...
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The Asset Browser and Posable Assets

OK I think I figured it out. I added a bendy bone to the source asset (the one in the asset browser). As I said in the question, this is inaccessible when I drop the asset into a scene, BUT if I ...
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