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Bake All Physics in a Scene at the Same Time

Assuming you're using cloth dynamics, just scroll to the bottom of the Cloth settings in the Physics tab and choose "Bake All Dynamics."
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How to have multiple objects work as one object with rigid body physics

With clarification in comments: you have a clock; you want it to fall, while its animated hands fall with it but continue to rotate as they've been animated. From your blend file, which has the hands ...
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Is there a way to assign dynamic paint canvas to a vertex group

I used the Waves option of the Dynamic Paint modifier, but for the Paint option you can use basically the same method, just store and write to the vertex color instead of the position. With Geometry ...
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I have applied a rigid body modifier to a sphere, with the setting labeled "dynamics" but it doesn't fall straight down, how do I fix this? (edited)

The objects included in the simulation need to have a scale of 1 in all axes. You will need to adjust the scale of all objects. Applying the scale is most likely what you want to do. I think there ...
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Floating Objects

You can use Rigid Body physics: Give a Rigid Body (Passive) to the 4 doors, activate the Animated option, give a Rigid Body (Active) to the balloons, in the Scene panel > Gravity, set the gravity ...
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Dynamic Place in Blender - Live moving objects with physics Interactive rigid body

I finally got some time to finish this, hurrah ^^! Hope you'll like it as much as I do :) You can find the addon here: Cheers!
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