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2 votes

How do I separate parts of a mesh but keep them as one parented object?

Each face of an object is assigned to one material slot (unless the object has none, in which case all faces will become assigned to the first material slot added to the object), and an object can ...
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2 votes

When scripting in python, can you parent and later reparent?

Parent relationships are indeed meant to be permanent. If you need dynamic relationships, you should use object or bone constraints. They all have a factor which can be animated among other things. ...
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1 vote

I want to rotate the scoreboard 360 degree and putting it on loop, but it detached when I try to rotate it

I think you have an issue with some parent-child relationships, possibly. Not sure. That or one of them has a child of constraint or something like that. I like to work like this as much as possible, ...
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