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Artifacts when using Weighted normals

As far as I understand it, Weighted Normals is based on the geometry. It sort of interpolates the normals between vertices. This means you can control the normals with the geometry : I'm getting the ...
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How to apply a modifier with Shape keys?

I'm using Blender 4.1.1. Which should be the same as 4.1.0 (was there a 4.1.0? I can't remember.) While many modifiers care about whether or not you have shapekeys, a data transfer does not. Before ...
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Why seperating a sphere gives different shades?

The shading is determined by the split normals, you can display them in the Mesh Edit Mode Overlays panel (in the latest Blender versions). There's 1 split normal per vertex and its direction is ...
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Geo Nodes Adding Falloff To Normal Node

(Using Blender 3.6.12) This proposal is based on a Boolean Random Value node to draw the probability to instance an object. The probability distribution is ...
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how do I bake normals?

As @John Eason mentioned above, first correct the inverted normals issue on the low poly model. Next you need to Apply both Rotation and Scale transforms to both models. In Object mode with the ...
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how do I bake normals?

I've never baked Normals, but it may be because the low poly version has inverted normals in your file. I've moved the versions apart in the image below and enabled the Face Orientation option on the ...
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Blender export causes Substance Painter "Missing seams on hard edges" error

I solved it. I guess the problem was in the new obj export? I downloaded the stable 3.6 Blender version, then imported my model through the old obj import format, selected merged all vertices by ...
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Show/Debug Normals from an "Object Info" node - use those normals as input for a displacement GN network

The Normals node does not store the normals of the "active" object, instead it derives normals vectors from the data it is connected to In this example Viewer node shows different normals, ...
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Geo nodes set Curve Normal > free, unexpected result

The problem is fixed in release 4.3.0 with Issue 122601
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