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How do I convert object to tangent space normal maps for Triplanar projection?

Took me a long while, but… The seam issue in this post was caused by a calculation error when converting from world to tangent space normals. Incorrect Calculation (from original post) Correct ...
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Why does baking bevel node to normal texture create sharp edges?

I aready slove the problem,it's a bug or compatible problem. short version : i creat this scens with 3.3.6,then i used 3.5.1 open this scens and bake it,the compatibility cause this issue,export fbx ...
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How would I get the full TBN matrix from just a normal map?

It sounds like what you want is the tangent, only rotated such that it is perpendicular to the modified normal. To get that, you can take the cross product of your tangent and your modified normal, ...
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