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Is there a way I can make a hollow object solid?

It works better if you apply some subdivision in order to smooth the surface. Applying the mirror modifier, checking that there are no loose vertex by merging them by distance and with all normals ...
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How to stop freestyle from rendering overlapping vertices?

You have interior faces there. Apart from the issue with Freestyle strokes, it is not a good idea because they make the mesh non-manifold and can lead to other problems as well. Here is an object ...
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How would I "move" X Axis Mirror point to multiple locations for an animated scene?

I made a discovery that solved the issue. That orange point isn't just a reference location for X Mirror, it's probably the armature's origin point as a whole, and my problem happened because the ...
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Symmetrizing an armature not working

Orientate the character to facing the front view so it symmetrizes along the X axis and named the bones appropriately with a "L" for left or "R" for right depending on which side ...
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Why mirror not showing half of the model

So when you turn the display on, it shows the handle, however it doesn't show the vertices, edges, or faces for that half of the handle. That is because the mirror modifier is not applied. But you do ...
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