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If you turn off the Mirror, you will see that your anvil has a face inside look at the image, oce you delete that you will be able to use inset as expected


Use Animation Nodes add-on, it is open-source and totally free. I'd suggest a setup like this: The node tree duplicates A then modify its scale (new y = y*(-1)). In your case, you may want to do it with x instead. I tried to sculpt A. After I mouse-released the sculpt brush, B would be updated too. In this approach, I can't sculpt the new object (so-called ...


I know it's been couple of months but still some one might find this helpful. I've been struggling with the same problem - didn't know how to flip an object along world global axis so that object might keep it's local origin orientation, just "look" to the opposite side, say from global X axis. What I came up with is I keep a parent cube at world 0....


I have two solutions A) dublicate object. press Ctrl+M+XYZ (flip object on x/y/z axis). place it in the desired place. B) This doesn't flip the object, but it gets you a similar result. select the couch, and then press Shift+S+2 (Cursor to selected). Duplicate A and select the new object. Set the transform pivot point to 3D Cursor. press R+Z+180 (rotate ...

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