The emission strength is a multiplier to the power in watts. Example: So, in theory we can change this: into this: and it appears to work perfectly.


Not an answer strictly... but... Use a mirror modifier: Works for Cycles and Eevee ; ) You can improve it for instance using UV parameters of the modifier. If you shift its U to 1: that can give a clue that you can use in the shader, to obtain this for instance: to use it you can make a node group that you can plug into the alpha input of the principled ...


I believe moonboots and Rich Sedman are both partially right. First, this geometry just converges light, and your roughness is generally low, so it will be a bit bright there no matter what. In the Outliner, enter this menu: and you can go through all of your materials. Clamp any add nodes or change them to mix if they feed into the principled color input. ...


Very difficult to say from the description. To track down the cause you can do something like the following : Remove all the lights and world illumination, does the glow disappear? If not then there must be emission somewhere - hide everything then switch them on one by one in the outliner to narrow down which mesh is causing the problem. If disabling the ...


LuxRender shows refraction correctly. Install LuxRender (currently support 2.82 and 2.83) Setup a model with a refraction shader just like for Cycles Render! Sample Blend file -

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