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Oh I think I now what is your problem. Because I had the same problem at the past. You should update your drivers. Most importantly the graphics card. My graphics card was AMD. So I downloaded the driver from AMD's internet site.


I found solution. @Carl -check the driver-version of your graphicCard directly at the manufacturer's site. Surprisingly he internal windows driverCheck via deviceManager lies saying all drivers are up2date!-continue with a fresh installation of the latest blender ... worked for me.


I am using Windows7 too and I had problem with using blender 2.8 or above. Anyway I can use it now, on the other hand I have some more preblems to solve. My first advice is to update your drivers with an app or manually. If it doesnt works then you can go to this In the video, the guy is not talking English but If you need help virtually you can ...


It varies with the OS and the method of installation (archive, repository, installer...). It's totally fine to have two (or many more) different versions installed, that shouldn't cause any issue. Of course, feel free to manually uninstall the version you don't need anymore.


Added this dll to the directory with the opengl32.dll and it's working again.


The 3dm importer depends on the rhino3dm package that has to be installed as well. In order to get the add-on working: Install rhino3dm. Install the 3dm importer add-on. The first step can be accomplished by running the following script. Open Blender, switch to the Scripting workspace, copy and paste the script into the text editor and execute it. Make ...

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