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Blender rendered videos not able to import to other editing software

I always render as CODEC = MP4 and CONTAINER = MP4 but I also have to write the extension .mp4 after the file name eg. "MyMovie.mp4" so that other apps recognise the file type at a system ...
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using x-plane resources in blender

Problem resolved. Using GIMP I was able to convert x-plane textures (.dds) to ,jpg/.png files which I imported into blender. Works just fine. Also, object from x-plane or AC3D were easily imported ...
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How to import obj in Blender 4.0 with python?

On the operator side, I don't think there is a way to get the behavior of the old operator using the new operator which replaces the old one in Blender 4.0. However, I think it's relatively easy to ...
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Importing SVG as Grease Pencil

OK, i have figured it out, based on the source code of the corresponding C code. One must provide the files array with list of filenames, together with the ...
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PyNifly Blender .nif Import via script Batch Convert to .fbx

Your script works: bpy.ops.import_scene.pynifly(filepath="E:/dummydir/dummynif.nif") You may want to make sure the file referenced actually exists. It ...
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Error on any FBX import or export on Blender 3.6

For anyone who finds this later: I found out it was one of my addons. I don't know which one, but I disabled literally every addon that isn't built in and it works now. I'll have to figure out the ...
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Extrude and bevel an imported svg curve

I found that straight-line corners were problematic, but curves where bezier handles create curvy curves were not. A relatively quick fix is to select vertices and then, while in Edit Mode go to ...
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Rig is deformed and larger then character when importing

Select the rig, go to edit mode, change the pivot to "individual origins", select all bones and press S to scale them as desired. You can even scale some of them only, as you like, as long ...
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Is the 3ds python import function available in 3.6.1?

The function bpy.ops.import_scene.autodesk_3ds should work in Blender 3.6.2. It can be used like this: ...
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Imported OBJ (surface or mesh) from FreeCAD invisible

The Numpad . trick does work, however if you look at the dimensions of the object (I've imported the file with "Mesh" at the end), you see it is 5640 × 1500 × 2820 m in size: If you haven't ...
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Applying a Texture on a ply mesh

Okay, I've just been banging my head against the internet for the past few hours trying to do this. MeshLab crashed every time I tried to import, so I was just playing around with the shader nodes ...
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